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Colombia’s congressional elections have begun for the nearly one million citizens living abroad who have registered to vote.

Colombians living in their home country will vote for the new Congress and the candidates who participated in Sunday’s primaries.

According to the National Registry, consular offices opened 250 polling stations in 67 countries.

More than 20 percent of registered voters live in Venezuela. These voters will have to travel to border towns to vote because of the disconnect between Bogotá and Caracas.

The government is being punished: a think tank
The think tank Paz y Reconciliacion (Pares) predicts a major defeat for President Ivan Duque’s coalition .

According to Pares, the seven parties that make up the government coalition could lose nearly a quarter of their 80 seats in the Senate.

The think tank indicated that Progressive Opposition Senator Gustavo Petro’s Historic Pact coalition would become Colombia’s largest political force in the Senate.

According to Pares, parties formed by liberal dissidents and feminists will also gain significant support in Congress.

Polster Guarumo predicted election results similar to those of 2018.

Neither Pares nor Guarumo showed enough support to allow the opposition to form a majority coalition of more than 54 senators.

Colombia’s electoral body is expected to announce the results of the congressional elections on Sunday night.

Presidential primaries.
The National Registry is also expected to announce the results of the presidential primaries.

People who vote in congressional elections can also choose a presidential candidate from three multi-party coalitions.

Progressive movements have joined the Historic Pact.

Conservatives will participate in the Team for Columbia coalition, and moderates will form the Center of Hope Coalition.

Almost all the favorites in the presidential race are participating in these primaries.

The results of the congressional elections will take effect on July 20. The new president of Colombia will take office on August 7.